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Hardwood and Softwood


African Walnut
Of Tropical Western African Origin, African Walnut has a bronze orange colour with black streaks. It can split when nailing. Tools must be kept sharp. It stains and polishes to an excellent finish. It is used extensively for furniture.

American Walnut
This is available in colour ranging from purplish brown to rich, deep brown. The wood is open-pored and is quite hard. It is used for making a variety of furniture pieces.

American Maple
This wood ranges from cream-white to snowy-white, although during the off season you do get a few that are yellowish in tone. It has mineral streaks and sugary specks and also sometimes contains figures that are quilted, fiddleback or curly.

Close-grained and resists warping and shrinking. It will redden when exposed to sunlight and ages well.  Used in cabinet making, boat trim and solid furniture handles.

Brazilian Mahogany / Switienia
Originates from Southern and Central America. It varies in colour from light to dark reddish-brown to rich dark red. It can be worked very well if tools are kept sharp. It stains and polishes to an excellent finish. It is durable and resistant and is mostly used for high-class furniture and cabinetmaking.

Obeche / Ayous / Wawa / Samba
Obeche originates from West Africa. Its colour varies from creamy white to yellow. It has low stiffness. It works well although it requires a light finish. It is used when durability and strength are unimportant. It is ideal for frames, interior joinery and modelmaking.

This wood of African origin can vary from light to deep reddish-brown in colour. The wood can be worked well. It stains and polishes to an excellent finisish. It is ideal for exterior and interior furniture.

Comes from Eastern USA, Europe and Southern Canada. Its colour varies from pale yellow-brown to biscuit. It is durable and extremely resistant. It is used for furniture, heavy construction and parquet.

Utile - Sipo
This African heavy density wood matures from a pink-red to a deep red -brown. It is extremely resistant to treatment and decay. It is ideal for furniture, cabinetmaking, interior and exterior joinery, flooring and boatbuilding.

Originates from Eastern and Western Africa. Iroko varies from golden orange to brown. It is worked satisfactorily, it screws and nails well. It is very durable Exterior and interior joinery, carving, ship and boat building are the main uses for Iroko.

Red Deal
It has a pale reddish-brown colour. It is worked and polished well. The best grades are used for interior and exterior joinery.

Douglas Fir
Originates from Europe, USA and Canada. Has a light reddish-brown shade. Douglas fir is very stiff and strong. It is used for veneers and plywood. It is also used for construction work, interior and exterior joinery, laminated arches and dockyard and harbour work.

White Ash
The wood from the heart of the tree ranges in colour from light brown to cream, whereas the sapwood is lighter in colour. Its grain ia moderately open and straight. It is strong, elastic and hard wood. The wood is fairly light and flexible.


Austrian Pine
Pine is a product of Central Europe. It is most popular in Austria and Germany. Pine differs in colour from white to yellow-white to a brownish-yellow. It is worked very well and polishes to a good finish. It is used mostly for general interior woodworking.

White Deal
White Wood or White is a product of Europe. Knots might split and loosen. Sharp tools are best used. Being non-durable, it is mostly used for interior joinery, crates and boxes. The best grades are used for musical instruments.

Parana Pine
Coming from Central and Southern America, Parana Pine is pale brown with bright red streaks. It lacks toughness. It is worked very well and only the higher grades are used for joinery.

American Tulip
The sapwood is creamy white and may be streaked with the heartwood varying from pale yellowish brown to olive green. The green colour in the heartwood will tend to darken on exposure  to light and turn brown. The wood has a medium to fine texture and it is straight grained. 

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