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S.M.W. CORTIS is well known for its classical lines of furniture which are mostly manufactured out of solid mahogany and involve a degree of intricate hand-carving which is undertaken by skilled local craftsmen.

The company manufactures a number of suites, mainly bedrooms, dining and sitting rooms. Different styles are available for the above-mentioned suites. All suites represent unique collections of furniture with timeless styles.

The company also imports and manufactures a very wide range of hall and loose furniture. These include chairs, armchairs, divans, tables, coffee tables, bureaus, mirror brackets, ‘sotto specchi’, monks’ benches, coat of arms and much more. All represent unique pieces of furniture, ideal for the furnishing of halls, dining room suites, bedrooms, corridors and entrances.

S.M.W. CORTIS imports a luxurious classical furniture collection. VIMERCATI collections have a long standing tradition in the up market classical décor. With the use of high quality materials together with an accurate eye for detail, these collections present a discerning international clientele with the certainty of an exclusive choice that is capable of enriching every kind of ambience.

However S.M.W. CORTIS felt the need to expand further by retailing a range of comfortable and good quality pvc sofas and recliners with affordable prices.

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This line by S.M.W. CORTIS is manufactured predominantly in Iroko and is intended for outdoor use in gardens, terraces, pool areas, etc.

The Outdoor Furniture line can be divided in two sections. The first is a collection of loose furniture consisting of chairs, deckchairs, armchairs, stools, benches and tables. Even though Iroko is highly recommended for outdoor use, the products can also be manufactured in a range of other materials such as oak or red deal.

The company also manufactures custom-built structures intended to embellish or to add functionality to gardens, terraces, pool areas and other outdoor areas. Structures such as gazebos, trellises, beam structures, canopies and swings are all manufactured entirely in timber with materials chosen by the customer.

Special protective coatings are used to protect its products from the weather. These coatings allow the outdoor Furniture to face the elements all year round.

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S.M.W. CORTIS produces a range of custom-built staircases for internal and external use, using different materials such as; wood, glass, steel and stainless steel.

Moreover S.M.W. CORTIS still produces a unique collection of classical stairway balustrades that include models from the most simple to the most intricate wood-carved figures. The company works with different wood species, according to customer requests. The company also carries out the installation of stairway balustrades.

S.M.W. CORTIS collaborates with international partners to bring its customers a varied selection of spiral and modular staircases for both indoor and outdoor purposes. On-site installation is also provided by the company.

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The clock collection is made up of a range of unique and elaborate classical clock cases that are manufactured locally and a wide range of classical, rustic and modern clocks from Hermle. Hermle clocks can be ordered through our catalogue and delivery will take place within 3 weeks of placing the order.

Hermle is a German company which is the world market leader in mechanical clock movements. S.M.W. CORTIS are the exclusive agents for Hermle clocks in the Maltese islands.

S.M.W. CORTIS also manufactures a unique line of mahogany grandfather clock cases in different dimensions and designs. These cases house the most precise German productc.

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Parquet Flooring

Clip-on and Glueless System

- Five colours to choose from

- Surface: High-grade, durable wear surface (overlay), Melamine resin-impregnated decorative paper

- Substrate: 7mm HDF board, sealed edge, low swelling, E1

- Reverse: Damp proofing stabilizing balancer.



 Decking - Wood made

This is a system in patented nylon able  to put two perpendicular wood profiles without the use of nails or glue.

The following are the various colours and styles available.



 Decking - Wood and Plastic Composite with Plastic Base

  • Various designs and colours available
  • 3 dimensions available: 300mm x 300mm / 600mm / 900mm
  • Resistant to water, moisture, termite and wood insects
  • Maintenance free
  • Anti Slip
  • Easy Installation.


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 For a wider range of products and more information visit our showroom in Zebbug or call us on 2146 6520.



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