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Dear visitor, please enter all requested details in the form to the left and select your area of interest, after the registration you will immediately become a member of Cortis Group website. Below is the list of available areas:

  • Furniture (Interior & Exterior).
  • Stairways (Staircases & Handrails).
  • Flooring (Parquet & Decking).
  • Timber (African, American, European & Asian species).
  • Wood Products & Accessories (Plywood, Chipboard, Fiberboard, Hardboard, Block board, Post form, Soft form, machined panels & Furniture accessories).
  • Construction Equipment (Timber Beams, Concrete support yellow beams & shuttering plywood, Yellow panels, Scaffolding & Accessories).
  • Aluminum Profiles & Accessories
  • Roofing (Space frame structures, Space glazing & Enclosures).
  • Glazing (Continuous facades, Non-reflective & insulated glass & Bullet-proof glass).
  • Aluminum (Architectural aluminum, Curtain walling, Partitioning, Louvers & Thermal break).
  • Stainless Steel & Steel Work (Staircases, Railings, Gates & Structures). Exterior Paneling
  • Security Systems (Access control, Security & detection & Emergency exit systems).
  • Apertures (Aluminum & Semi-finished timber doors & windows, Fire escape, Intelligent, Automatic, Sliding & Revolving doors & Traditional Maltese balconies).
  • Eyewear (Optical frames for all ages, Sunglasses & more).
  • Property (For Sale & To Let).
  • Vehicles
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